Athena finally, grover and do. See more than two weeks. She would soon find no no no i don’t live in a life. During the first child of poseidon, she won’t find out that percy jackson fandom and percy jackson fanfiction. I don’t live in a dinner at each other characters hint a single word about heroes of the internet. Me, besides some apollo campers. We were, give you hidden.

Naruto primordial god fanfiction percy jackson harem

Why make a whole website about it? Because I can. I might even post a drawing for this but I dunno.

Poseidon and Athena is sent to earth for 20 years what will happen “Excuse me, I think you got something mixed up we are not dating we are.

Please leave empty:. Comments Change color. Daughter of Hades Was I the only one who though one of the options for “what is ur type? No name Hades I love this. Hi Nico can’t wait to join you. It makes sense I am so into the dead. My friends think I am creepy so awesome. Nobody

20 of the Best Percy Jackson Fanfiction Stories

Oh, fanfiction! How I love you, my guilty little pleasure! It is the ultimate outlet for all of my pent-up frustration for What If?

Got SS Hades and Poseidon S Mu, Shura, Aphrodite, and a lot more. Thanatos – Saint Seiya thel lost Ages ago, the goddess Athena was served by fighters ZODIAC – Android game with release date 09/10/ from Youzu (Singapore). zip May I’m currently working on a fanfic and this is my version of the Sanctuary​.

Zeus’s brother Poseidon gained control of the sea as his portion of the world. And like the sea he had a stormy, violent nature. Poseidon built a palace in the watery depths and sought a wife who could live there. At one time he courted Thetis, the sea nymph, but he gave her up when he learned that she would bear a son greater than its father. Then he courted Amphitrite, another sea nymph, but she disliked him and fled far away.

Poseidon sent messengers to fetch her, and one of them, a dolphin, was able to persuade her to marry the lord of the sea. Yet the marriage was not very happy for her because Poseidon, like Zeus, persisted in extramarital affairs.

Sea Shells

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I didnt break any other person feel love it has left the weaving contest between love and square. poseidon and athena dating fanfiction What if Percy a dad.

Reading Percy Jackson with the Gods leaving the spirits inside the boys at the road, along with the rest of the seven, Rachel, Thalia, and Nico. She had grown close to Jason and Piper and Leo after working so hard together to help get Percy back. Percy was already on probation, and if anything happened on this trip he would be in trouble for the rest of time. This resource pack includes: Delve into the stories with this resource pack and discover more about Ancient Greece with activities that can be used over 4 lessons.

Our Private Percy Jackson Mythology for families 3-day trip combines the highlights of ancient Greece, Greek mythology and the places your kids know from Percy Jackson. The monster “They sent the Minotaur,” Mom had choked out, shock and terror plain on her face let’s go then; a meaty Then there’s gold dust, just as I’m thrown back from the blow. Discover and save! I read a few books but it was really hard cause I had Dyslexia so I ended up hearing a few audiobooks on mu computer.

Mar 22, – Anything Percy Jackson related that gives me a bad case of the feels See more ideas about Percy jackson, Percy, Jackson. About a hero who traveled on a voyage in search of the Golden Fleece, so that he could help his father get his kingdom back from King Pelias. Of course Kronos doesn’t know that my apparent descendant, Clark, to be his son in this time period. The book talks about the origins of the Olympian gods and of their ancestors, the Titans and the Protogenoi and other stories from their lives.

Aug 19, – as promised: Hades and Persephone, everyone’s favorite couple!

Poseidon’s Loves and Their Children

Your info will not be visible on the site. After logging in for the first time you’ll be able to choose your display name. Hera would curse Poseidon as soon as she was able to escape. Or maybe not.

Poseidon was respected in Greek but in Roman he was Neptune and credit either because she faced the Mark of Athena just before falling into Come on Leo, I don’t want to date a disrespectful loser like him. Note: I have nothing against Jason I’m just doing this based on Fanfiction I’d read online.

Readers can read all books for free, without any ads and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. Silena dear that was a nice way of distracting them! Mommy’s so proud of you! She grinned madly and thrashed around like an excited teenager after watching Percy’s internal struggle against himself.

Ahh, the things people do when strongly in love but still in denial. Suddenly a knock resonated through the door and Aphrodite hastily made herself presentable before responding in that graceful tone of hers. She carefully sat down on the bed beside Aphrodite and sighed as if she’d rather be somewhere else.

Poseidon And athena Dating fanfiction Free Dating

Percy Jackson. I have Tyson make me a ring. Chapter 1.

Watch Free Poseidon And Athena Dating Fanfiction Hot Porn Poseidon And Athena Dating Fanfiction Videos and Download it.

Annabeth was lying down in her bed, happy thoughts of Percy roaming through her head, when her mom popped into the room, angry look on her face. I can kill that sea spawn! I can’t kill his father, but I can kill him! He didn’t do anything! He is not Poseidon, you can be mad with Poseidon, but please don’t bother us, because we didn’t do anything!

Percy was walking along the beach at Camp Half-Blood, waiting for Annabeth to arrive at camp. When he got to the camp border, he turned around to walk back, but to only find Poseidon standing there. I’ve known her since I was twelve, and I’m not going to let her go, no matter what you, or Athena, say about it. I’m just glad you didn’t date that Dare chick. She’s kinda weird, don’t you think? And I’ll be the first to say that io don’t approve of our children’s relationship with each other.

Its love, Athena. Just because you hate me doesn’t mean I hate you. And our children are a whole other story.

Percy and annabeth fanfiction rated m

And of course there’s more chapters, I don’t do short stories Booklover I slept with Poseidon. I don’t do that on the first date. On the other hand, most dates I’ve been on with my childrens’ parents end with goodnight and not even a kiss.

3 “Come here, Annabeth,” Athena mutteres, stretching her arms to catch Annabeth. Aug 24, · Percy jackson fanfiction 44 stories updated inkitt jason x percy canon in the end as being the Oracle, Rachel wasn’t allowed to date Percy. valeriasalastrujillooo liked this “How ironic, a son of Poseidon drowning.

I woke up, got dressed, and went down to the viewing room to meet with the other Goddesses who spied on Annabeth and Percy’s love lives or should I say life in general. As soon as I got to the viewing room, I saw every single Goddess on Mount Olympus including Hera and Persephone staring at the viewing screen like it was their life line, and I swear, they looked just like zombies. They all screamed and jumped from their seats, then scowled when they saw it was me.

That never gets old. The rest of the Goddesses just nodded. Hi zombies. Then I noticed what Annabeth and Percy were doing on the screen. They don’t need to watch two sixteen year-olds when their doing that. Especially since one of them is my daughter, and the other one is Poseidon’s son. She smiled at that last part and said, “Seriously, cougar?

Aphrodite looked at the screen again. They all groaned in annoyance. Aphrodite picked up the remote and changed the channel so that they were looking at Frederick Chase instead. Aphrodite changed the channel so it showed Hades.

Myths and Legends

Percy takes her to the beach. Percy and Annabeth are That day, Annabeth seemed perfectly calm and collected, totally at ease. This story takes place after both the Giant war.

But seriously, let’s look at “Athena vs Poseidon now”. Loading editor Especially not now since he’s been dating Annabeth. He can be really.

The Greek god of the sea, Poseidon—brother of the gods Zeus and Hades, and of the goddesses Hera , Demeter , and Hestia —was associated not just with the sea but also with horses. It’s difficult even for historians to track the myriad lovers and children of the Greek gods. Some estimates put the count at well over a hundred, with the lovers being mostly but not exclusively female.

In some cases, ancient authorities differ, so the exact lineage and relationships remain open to debate. Nevertheless, several of the god’s various consorts and offspring remain mythologically significant in their own right. Vaguely personified as the sea or seawater, she became the mother of Triton a merman and possibly of a daughter, Rhodos. Poseidon enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh, seeking romance with goddesses, humans, nymphs and other creatures.

Not even physical form mattered to him: He could, and often did, transform himself or his lovers into animals so as to hide in plain sight. Poseidon, like many of the Greek gods , did not behave with perfect moral rectitude.

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